California man stabs three family members

A California man is in jail, charged with stabbing three family members with a knife.

When Deputy Joshua Brady arrived at the house on Galleon Road at 9:45 p.m. Saturday, he found three injured people, two women – the suspect’s mother and aunt –  with wounds on their arms and one man – the suspect’s uncle –  stabbed in the abdomen. He found blood all over the floor of the living room.

The uncle was yelling “he’s in there”, pointing to another room. The suspect’s mother refused to comply with the deputy’s orders to get behind him for safety. She was hysterical, yelling at the deputy to leave “him” alone and not to hurt him, meaning the suspect, 20 year old Jacob Knapper of Agoura Hills, California.

Suddenly, Knapper ran out of the other room, straight at Deputy Brady, yelling for the deputy to shoot him. The deputy could see Knapper had no weapons in his hands, so he grabbed him, holding him securely until backup officers arrived. Knapper was then handcuffed and taken into custody.

It is still unclear exactly what happened to precipitate Knapper’s attack on his family. His aunt says he called a friend of hers a nasty name in front of the friend’s children. A confrontation ensued with the uncle telling Knapper not to talk like that in front of children. Knapper reportedly told him he could talk any way he wanted, then grabbed a knife and stabbed the uncle and aunt.

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