Oct 11
Hey, those are brake lights

Strictly Drivel

To those who may never have seen either and watch only inflammatory corporate-controlled news channels I guess an alligator and an iguana could be mistaken for the same creature.

Of course, common sense should prevail in almost any circumstance, but let’s say for a moment that common sense isn’t really common.

Such was the case Saturday when I had to make a trek to Key West early in the morning to pick up some stuff I can’t get locally. I will always buy locally if I can, but sometimes I just can’t. Thus the early trip to Key West.

The trip down was fine. Traffic was light…too light for a Saturday, but hey, it is off season, and this year off season seems to be very off. I made it there in good time and had plenty of time to make the return trip before my deadline even after picking up the things I needed.

On the trip back, myself and 10 other vehicles were traveling the four-lane in front of the Navy base. All was smooth.

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Oct 11
Make sure our deer count right

First, let us say that there is very little call by anyone for huge development of any kind on Big Pine Key. The island is simply home to too many endangered species, and soon to be home to more, to make runaway development feasible, or even practical.

The level of growth slated for Big Pine is probably about right. There will be  another 100 or so homes built over the next 10 to 12 years, and there will probably be some business expansions but very little in the way of new commercial development.

Big Pine will get a national franchise chain restaurant for the first time in its history in the coming months as the Tom Thumb redevelopment on US 1 will feature the addition of a Subway.

But even that won’t be the island’s death knell as some have proclaimed over the years.

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Oct 04
Here we go again folks

Strictly Drivel

Psst. Hey. In case you didn’t know….they’re coming back.

You know the ones. They come from somewhere in the cold climes up North, and they tend to forget we have only two lanes, and no alternate routes, and they call themselves snowbirds.

It seems to me that the snowbirds are a little different this year than last, or maybe it’s just that they’re different snowbirds.

The ones we have right now, today, seem to know little about where they want to go, or how to go about getting there.

Or maybe their memories just haven’t returned full bore yet.

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Oct 04
We closed for just another tax?

So. The rabid Republican leadership in Congress, not the majority, mind you, just the rabid leadership, which is actually the minority, figure that one out if you can, got its way and forced the federal government into a shutdown.

The shutdown came about because Republicans so despised healthcare for the masses that they were willing to sacrifice any economic recovery to make sure health care remained the privilege of the few.

We’ve heard rants from the Republican leadership for months that the Affordable Health Care Act is an unconstitutional tax, that the individual mandate forces Americans to pay for something they don’t want or need.

Our head spins at the ludicrous claims.

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Sep 27
Low-tech devices kick my buttocks

Strictly Drivel

Technology can be a great thing. It can also cause one to go (more) prematurely gray (than I know I already am) when it, for reasons unknown, decides to go on the blink.

There are times I believe I hear some technological piece of gear actually laughing at me as I struggle to figure out why it worked just two minutes ago and won’t work now.

This crazy machine that sits in front of me on the desk for hours and hours at a time is one of the leading cohorts of fun at my expense.

And twice in the past four weeks, the culprit, which I thought was a spawn of Satan seeking some form of demonic possession, was a piece of low-tech gear that has been around for decades, and is something we too often take for granted.

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Sep 27
Health care changes not enough

Florida residents without health insurance, a large chunk of the population that makes Florida ninth on the list of uninsured population among the 50 states, got a first peek earlier this week at what it might cost them to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

That Act requires US adults to have some form of health insurance by some time next year. It was the Presidential and Congressional answer to rapidly escalating health care costs with rapidly deteriorating health care delivery.

We’re not sure we understand how a windfall for the health insurance industry addresses either of those concerns, but we’re told it does.

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Sep 20
Put that bakin’ hot sun to some good use

Strictly Drivel

A very common refrain these days from even the longest-term locals is that it’s very hot.

True, in my experiences here August and then September is usually the hottest month, with the highest relative humidity. For those of us who enjoy heat for both personal and medicinal reasons, a simple smile and nod of the head is the usual answer to this complaint.

But, when those slightly warped synapses get to working inside those slightly warped brains (most of us who live here and enjoy it have to be somewhat warped) there are many other answers that come to mind.

If the heat is really such a prime topic of conversation, why not start playing off the heat?

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Sep 20
Let’s start insurance talks now

Most of the time, Monroe County’s Board of County Commissioners conducts its financial affairs in a fiscally conservative fashion that avoids huge tax increases to the residents of this island chain.

There have been exceptions, and the populace worked hard to toss those folks from office.

The seated commission has overall been a good one in terms of leveling the tax burden.

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Sep 13
I have named a new disease just for old me

Strictly Drivel

I have a completely new disease

I read an interesting think piece yesterday on Huffington Post.

Yes, I readily admit to reading Huffington Post because it’s one of the few news agencies that still tells a story from the perspective of what it means to the people reading it and not what it means to the political analyst telling the story.

I don’t listen to much television news. MSNBC is lopsided in one direction, and anytime I steel my guts long enough to turn on FOX News, I can virtually listen to the entire day in the span of 10 minutes.

The first talking head that appears on FOX might say something that, taken all together, sounds like “That stupid elitist who currently occupies the oval office….blah…blah…blah bad, ignorant.”

I hear the same thing from a different talking head hours later, to be repeated by the same talking heads ad infinitum into the wee hours of the morning.

I don’t call that news. I call that propaganda.

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Sep 13
We must continue Citizens fights

It seems as though there is a definite disconnect between governmental perception of Monroe County and actual ramifications of governmental actions on Monroe County.

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