There is definitely something weird going on here

By Steve Estes

Strictly Drivel

There is something really funky going on in this town.

I can’t put my finger on it. I’m not exactly sure what it is. But something is afoul.

The world seems a little hazy today, and it appears as though I have lost some time somewhere.

As we stretch into February and another Super Bowl fast approaches, as well as another Valentine’s Day, I feel I must go on a quest to discover just what it is that seems so incredibly strange.

For instance, I know that my birthday was supposed to fall on a Monday this year. No, I won’t tell you when it is and I won’t tell you how many that is for me.

But I’m looking at the calendar in this shrouded netherworld in which I seem to be stuck, and I see that my birthday is actually on a Thursday.

So either I am really losing what little mind I had to begin with, or there is something seriously wrong with the universe.

I spent a few minutes gazing out into the parking lot and there are a few vehicles I’ve never seen out there before. Not only have I never seen those vehicles in the parking lot, I’ve never seen those vehicles on the road before.

A couple of them are kinda cool to an old muscle car street racer, but again, there’s something weird. I spend a lot of time on the road and having never seen these cars before is just, well, just strange.

I have a different pair of sandals on my feet. I’ve never been one for multiple pairs of shoes in the closet, and living down here, one pair of flip flops, one pair of tennis shoes, one pair of sandals and one pair of closed-toe shoe of some kind is way more than enough.

And while I’m at it, where the heck did this shirt come from?

I don’t remember this shirt. Not at all.

It’s a shirt I probably would have picked off the rack somewhere, but I don’t remember it coming into my possession either through me or as a gift.

This is really weird stuff.

Yours truly is one of those people who spent some (lost) time suffering from short-term memory loss. I don’t remember near all the details but for 10 days, I went back in time nearly 15 years. Due to a serious blow to the head, caused by wearing flip flops when they probably weren’t appropriate (figure that one out on your own) I lost short-term memory.

I didn’t work where I thought I did. I didn’t live where I thought I did. My hair was short.

When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize the dude that stared back at me.

But I look in the mirror now, I recognize myself.

So I have to wonder, did someone slip me a mickey and just set me up for the world’s greatest April Fool’s joke a few months early, or have I been revisited by one of the ghosts from my (not always the greatest) past?

The pictures scattered around on my desk all look familiar, with familiar faces and events…except for that one over there. I’ve been to a lot of places in my life in areas around the globe, but I’ve never been to that place.

First off, I hate cold water and those breaking waves must be either northern east coast or southern west coast. I have been to the Baja peninsula in Mexico, but it didn’t look anything like that when I was in the Pacific Ocean. And I don’t go in the water in the North Atlantic. I have more respect for my body temperature than that.

Of course, with today’s photo-enhancement software I can put Babe Ruth in a train seat next to Justin Beiber and it would take a pro to know the difference, so I tend to discount printed and digital photographs that I didn’t manipulate myself.

The office layout is familiar. I’m not a big fan of moving furniture just to move furniture, so the layout in the office tends to remain the same for years until something big breaks and then I wrestle furniture.

I’m wearing the same watch I got for Christmas last year…or was it really last year?

I’ve been wearing the same Atocha coin necklace for about a decade, so that’s not a clue. I’ve been wearing my father’s ring for about as long and it’s still on the third finger of my right hand, just where it always is.

My rubber aline skeleton and his pal the ceramic alien skull are still hanging and sitting in the same places that I remember.

My car payment reminder slip is missing off the wall. This is significantly different.

I’ve been fighting short-term memory issues for the better part of the last five (maybe more?) years so if it’s something I need to remember regularly and I don’t get regular reminders, I stick the thing up on the office wall where I’m forced to look at it five or six times a week.

Boring? Probably. Safe? Yep.

What does this mean to me? Did it fall off and I forgot to put it back? Or did I pay it off and don’t need the reminder anymore?

The first one is acceptable. The second one puts me in the middle of a Sci-Fi/Lifetime movie for which I am not qualified to star.

And suddenly, in the far, dark recesses of my brain, I hear this soft, lonesome sound.

It gets louder, but still just beyond my current range of hearing.

Give it a minute. It’s coming closer, getting more focused.

Egads. It’s the theme song from “The Twilight Zone.”

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