Drunk, armed man arrested on Big Pine Key

An intoxicated man who was openly carrying a handgun struggled with deputies and was arrested Tuesday on Big Pine Key.

Sheriff’s dispatchers received several calls reporting a man who appeared to be intoxicated who had a handgun visible in the waistband of his pants. Deputy Scott Ward responded to the location – the Ace Hardware store on Big Pine Key.

When he and Deputy Linda Kohout arrived, they found 45 year old Jeffrey Charron of Big Pine Key sitting on the ground in front of the business. He had a gun, visible, tucked in his pants. Deputy Ward ordered him to put his hands up and keep them in the air where he could see them. Charron instead began to lower one hand toward the gun. Deputy Kohout walked up to him and was able to grab his arm. Ward grabbed the other arm.

As they attempted to handcuff Charron, he struggled with them. A corrections officer who was riding with Deputy Kohout on patrol took safe control of the gun, a loaded Walther .380. Charron was taken into custody.

A number of witnesses said Charron was having trouble standing. At one point he reportedly went into the hardware store and sat on the floor. He was asked to leave and he went outside, where he was found by deputies.

Charron was charged with carrying a firearm openly, improper exhibition of a firearm and resisting an officer. He was booked into jail.

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