Woman arrested for fraudulent credit card use

A Stock Island woman is in jail, charged with using a business’s credit card to make purchases without permission.

24 year old Paij Ellender told Detective Dave Chavka she found the credit card in a driveway on 6th Avenue on Stock Island. She admitted to using the card at a number of local businesses. Records show she used it 14 times on November 19 to charge over $1,200 at various local businesses and at ATM machines.

On November 20, the owner of the business noticed the fraudulent activity on his account and reported it to the Sheriff’s Office. Detective Chavka was able to obtain video from one of the businesses where the card was used. The video showed Ellender using the card. The video also showed another woman with her who the detective was also familiar with.

When he confronted Ellender’s friend, she said she was not aware the card was stolen. She said Ellender was the one who had the card. When Detective Chavka spoke with Ellender, she admitted to using the card. On Tuesday she was arrested. Ellender was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card, using the identification of a person without consent and grand theft. She was booked into jail.

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