Key West man charged with burglary, battery

A friendly visit turned violent Friday with a man cut by a machete and arrested for burglary and criminal mischief.

Deputy Ian Cooper responded to Sawyer Drive on Cudjoe Key at 9:20 p.m.  Saturday night to reports of a disturbance. When he arrived he found a man standing in the yard of the home bleeding from a cut on his arm and screaming at three others standing on a balcony. The bleeding man was 46 year old Douglas Ney of Key West.

The other three said Ney was at their  house visiting when he became drunk and angry. An argument ensued. Ney grabbed a bottle of liquor, took it outside and threw it at the windshield of a van parked outside, breaking the windshield. He then left.

Ney returned a short time later. The others described him as “in a rage”. He began to push and shove one of the victims, who grabbed a machete in defense and struck Ney on the arm with it. Ney continued to go after the other man until all of the others finally fled the residence and went to a neighbor’s house for help. That is when Deputy Cooper arrived.

Ney was arrested. A bag of marijuana was found in his pocket. He was taken to Lower Keys Hospital where his arm was stapled. He was then booked into jail on charges of burglary with battery on the occupant, criminal mischief and possession of marijuana.

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