Stock Island man found passed out with marijuana, cocaine

A Stock island man, found passed out in his car with the vehicle running, was arrested Tuesday after deputies found cocaine and a large amount of marijuana in his possession.

Deputy David Lariz was on bike patrol at 9 p.m. in the area of 9th Avenue and Cross Streets when he saw a black Infinity parked half in the roadway with the motor running. When he looked inside he saw a man passed out, lying on the front seat.

He got no response when he knocked on the window so he opened the door to check on the man and immediately smelled an odor similar to burnt marijuana in the car. There were amounts of a green leafy substance found a number of different places inside the car, along with a plastic bag with cocaine in it. The man in the car was identified as 29 year old Orlando Grimon.

Deputy Ian Cooper responded as back up. A tow truck was called to tow the car and Grimon was placed under arrest. As the tow truck driver was hooking up the vehicle, Deputy Cooper noticed two large plastic bags in the driver’s side wheel well of the car. The bags were filled with a total of 8.8 ounces of marijuana.

At the jail, when Grimon was informed about the finding of the hidden marijuana, he said “I was hoping they did not find that.” He was charged with possession of cocaine and a felony amount of marijuana.

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