Two arrested for stolen camera

An adult and a teen were arrested Saturday, charged with stealing a camera from a Big Pine Key church and pawning it.

An employee at the Vineyard Church reported someone took the high-end Nikon camera from an unlocked media room at the church. He reported it missing on October 8. He said he’d last seen it on October 4. Detective Diane Mimosa was assigned to investigate the case. She ran the camera’s serial number through the Sheriff’s Office pawn shop software and discovered it had been pawned October 7 at Real Deal Jewelry and Pawn.

The pawn shop clerk told her it had been pawned by 20 year old Devontshe Carey of Key West, who had been accompanied in the shop by another younger male. When Detective Mimosa confronted Carey, he told her a 15 year old Key West teen had accompanied him to the pawn shop. He told her the same teen was the one who gave him the camera. He said the teen told him several different stories about where the camera came from. He admitted he lied when he signed the pawn shop forms saying the camera was his and was not stolen.

The assistant pastor of the church told Detective Mimosa the 15 year old was at the church around the time the camera was stolen. He said he saw the 15 year old go upstairs to get his younger brother. He said the brother was playing video games in a room near where the camera was kept.

The 15 year old told the detective he found the camera inside a backpack outside the church.

The 15 year old was charged with dealing in stolen property. Carey was charged with giving false information in the pawn transaction. Both were booked at the Monroe County Detention Center.

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