Marathon woman charged with cutting man

A Marathon woman has been charged with aggravated battery after she allegedly cut a man on the arm in the parking lot of Walgreen’s Drug Store September 5th.

The victim told detectives he paid a woman $100 for sex the night before the attack. He said he saw her the following day and she, without warning, pulled out a knife and cut his arm with it.

Detective Trevor Wirth was assigned to investigate the case. He spoke with the victim and several witnesses. During the course of his investigations, he was able to identify her as Angela Specker. Her identity was confirmed through the use of a photo line-up.

Specker told Detective Wirth she stabbed the victim because she was angry about the way he treated her the night before. She said he was aggressive, slapping her and pulling her hair as they attempted to engage in sexual activity. She said when he finished he threw $100 at her. She said when she saw him the following day she became enraged and cut him on the arm.

A warrant was obtained for Specker and she was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

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