Sheriff believes more crimes attributed to teens

Detectives say they believe there are more vehicle burglaries that may have been committed by the group of teens arrested on multiple charges early Sunday. Anyone who lives in the area of Lake Surprise Subdivision in Key Largo, and who believes their car may have been burglarized between Saturday night and Sunday morning, please contact the Upper Keys Sheriff’s Substation at 305-853-3211.

The boys were also involved in a physical confrontation with two other teens earlier in the evening. The incident took place on Largo Road sometime just after midnight. The group of boys was walking on the roadway when a car drove by them. They said they felt the car passed to close to them, so one of them slapped the back of the car.

The car stopped and two other teens exited. A confrontation involving words and pushing and shoving ensued. The two got back in their car and drove a short distance away. They returned a short time later with a machete and a pipe. They again confronted the group that had slapped their car. They hit one of the teens in the group numerous times with the pipe and machete, causing superficial injuries. They then left the area in their vehicle.

Detectives say they are still investigating this incident in an attempt to determine if any charges will be brought in connection with it.

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