Man arrested for murder

One man is dead and another is in jail for stabbing him after a fight in the mangroves in Marathon last Wednesday night.

The two men were staying in a homeless encampment set up in some mangroves on the bayside of the 47 mile marker, across from Knight’s Key. A woman staying in the camp witnessed the incident, which took place about 8:45 p.m.

When Deputy Garrett Test arrived, he found the witness screaming hysterically. She showed Deputy Test and Deputy Chuck Kellenberger where the victim was. When asked who committed the crime, she said “Timothy Howard.”

She told deputies the two men fought over a missing bag. She said during the fight, 59 year old Timothy Howard stabbed the 53 year old victim with a  filet knife. The witness said she heard the victim say “you didn’t have to stab me five times” and saw him push away from Howard and fall into the water at the shoreline.

The victim then reportedly picked up his bicycle and left the encampment. Howard told the witness the victim “would be dead by the time he reaches the Mobile gas station.”

The victim was found by responding deputies at the edge of the wooded area, laying on top of his bike, dead.

Howard was found still in the encampment. The knife, a six inch long filet type knife, was found nearby. He was taken into custody, treated for minor injuries to his elbow and shoulder. He was charged with murder and he was booked into jail.

The victim’s name is Richard Bruno Maslar, 53 years of age. Maslar was a homeless man.

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