Hialeah man charged with two boat burglaries

A Hialeah man was arrested Friday, charged with burglarizing two boats which were parked roadside in the Upper Keys.

The first boat was parked near the 80 mile marker in May of 2012. The owner told Deputy David Stark he was towing the boat and his truck broke down. He had to leave the vessel and trailer parked there until he could get the vehicle repaired. When he returned to retrieve the boat, he found someone had taken the GPS and four sets of rods and reels. Fingerprints from the case were identified as belonging to 29 year old Jesus Pereda Feros of Hialeah. A warrant was issued for his arrest for burglary of a vessel and grand theft.

The second boat was left parked for sale at the 101.5 mile marker when, on August 22nd, the owner’s mother, brother and sister were driving by and saw a man on board the boat. They stopped and confronted him. He claimed he was interested in buying it. At the time they spoke with him, he had a drill in his hand. They later discovered he had been attempting to remove speakers and an amplifier from the boat.

The brother took a picture of him before he left the scene. They also got his license plate number.

Detective Sgt. Dave Carey investigated the case. Using the license tag number, the photo and the name of a company on the shirt the suspect was wearing when his picture was taken, Carey identified him as Feros. Feros works for a delivery company called South Florida Express. He was apprehended last Friday as he was about to make a delivery in Key Largo.

Feros was charged with the outstanding warrant for the 2012 crime and with a second count of burglary, grand theft and possession of burglary tools. He was booked into jail.

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