Man arrested after disturbing flight

A 50 year old Tampa man was arrested Saturday after causing a disturbance on an airplane Saturday.

Sgt. Sue Morgan was notified of an inbound Silver Airways flight on which a man was causing trouble. She met the flight on the Key West Airport tarmac at noon, along with several others from airport security and Customs and Border Protection.

As 50 year old Richard Calderoni was handcuffed, passengers on the flight began cheering. A number of them told the officers they were afraid on the flight because of Calderoni’s disruptive behavior.

According to the flight crew, Calderoni was asked several times to shut off his electronic equipment and refused. He was reportedly loud and used abusive language. At one point, he stretched his legs into the isle blocking the female flight attendant’s path. He told her she “must be miserable in her job” and she said when she looked at him he was rubbing his groin area as if he were masturbating.

The pilot told Sgt. Morgan he considered turning the flight around, but considered the other passengers and decided to just call ahead for law enforcement.

Calderoni was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. He was booked into jail.

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