Marathon man charged with dealing in stolen property

A Marathon man was arrested after expensive stolen truck wheels were found in his room.

Deputies took an initial report on June 7 about items being stolen from a storage shed at a home on Louisa Street in Marathon. Among the items stolen were four chrome Lexani brand truck wheels with tires still attached. The value of the wheels were $4,000.

On June 11, deputies responded to a home on 41st Street to a domestic dispute. 23 year old Sheldon Owen-Vargas was arrested for battering his pregnant girlfriend. He was also charged with trespassing because he’d been issued a trespass warning for the property in May. As deputies were investigating, Owens-Vargas told them there were four stolen truck wheels inside the apartment. He said he told them that because he was trying to get his girlfriend, who leases the apartment, arrested.

Inside the home, officers found four wheels matching the description of those stolen from Louisa Street. His girlfriend, who leases the apartment said she’d never seen them before, and said the room they were in was exclusively used by Owen-Vargas. Owen-Vargas told deputies the owner of the wheels called him after they’d been stolen and asked if he had them. He said he lied and said he didn’t have them. He denied being the one who actually stole the wheels, although he refused to cooperate with identifying the person who did.

Detective Nicholis Whiteman obtained information during the course of his investigation that Owen-Vargas intended to sell the tires to another man who was on his way to pick them up when Owen-Vargas was arrested. He faces charges of domestic battery on his pregnant girlfriend, trespassing and dealing in stolen property. The wheels will be returned to the owner.

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