Stock Island teen arrested for robbery

A 17 year old Stock Island boy was arrested after he violently attacked and robbed a man in the early morning hours Monday.

The victim told Deputy Wendy Negron he left work on 1st Street at 12:45 a.m. He was on foot, and turned onto Maloney Avenue. He said he heard someone yell at him and, when he turned to see who it was he was attacked. He said a young Hispanic male knocked him to the ground, beat him, kicked him and stole $70 from his pocket. He described his attacker as wearing black and white checkered shorts and a baseball cap, and said he fled the scene on a bicycle.

The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Sgt. Evan Calhoun found a suspect fitting the description on 4th Avenue a short time later. Although the boy refused to give the sergeant information about where he lives, a search in computers revealed his address at an apartment on 5th Avenue. Sgt. Calhoun transported the boy to the location and contacted his father. The father said his son is on probation for similar offenses.

The victim identified the boy as his attacker. An officer with the Department of Juvenile Justice responded and took the boy into custody on charges of battery, robbery, theft and resisting arrest.

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