Man arrested after attack on driver

A Marathon man was arrested after he pulled another man out of his car and attacked him.

The victim was driving through the parking lot of Sea Grape apartments in Marathon Sunday at 5:20 p.m. He stopped his vehicle and suddenly, 27 year old Raul Pavon grabbed his car door, jerked it open violently, damaging the door in the process, and pulled him out of his vehicle.

As Pavon began pushing him and telling him he was going to beat him, the victim’s wife intervened and she was also pushed. Her mother saw what was happening and called the Sheriff’s Office for help.

When Deputy Greg LaRochelle arrived, he took Pavon into custody. Pavon said he attacked the victim because he was tired of him speeding through the parking lot of the apartment complex where his daughter sometimes walks around.

Pavon was charged with two counts of battery, burglary to a vehicle and criminal mischief. He was taken to jail.

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