Man arrested for burglary, dealing in stolen property

A Little Torch Key man was arrested Tuesday, charged with stealing a generator and tools from a Big Pine Key home and pawning them at a local pawn shop.

According to Detective Diane Mimosa, who investigated the case, 31 year old Jeremy Yrsha went to the home on Hollerich Drive in April because he’d purchased a sailboat and it was stored on the property. While there, he took the sailboat and other items he was entitled to take that went with the boat. He also took a generator and a bag of tools that were in the same storage areas of the home.

The generator belonged to a neighbor, who was keeping it there with the homeowner’s permission. He told Deputy Jon Riggs he stops by the house periodically to check on the property. He said when he checked the property in late April, he found a door open and his generator gone. He also found a bag of tools missing. The tools belonged to the homeowner.

He called the Sheriff’s Office after he went to Molly’s Pawn Shop and found his generator and the bag of tools at the shop. He told the deputy he’d spoken to the tenant of the home on Hollerich Drive. The tenant mentioned that he’d sold a sailboat to Yrsha, and that he’d allowed Yrsha to stop by the house and pick up the boat without being there himself. He said it was possible Yrsha had taken the stolen items.

The owner of the pawn shop told Detective Mimosa that Yrsha had come to the shop with another man and  pawned the generator and the tools. He said he paid Yrsha a total of $90 for the items.

After interviewing Yrsha, and the other man who’d been with him at the pawn shop, Detective Mimosa got a warrant for Yrsha’s arrest. Yrsha was arrested Tuesday and charged with burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

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