Marathon man charged with gun threats

A Marathon man is under arrest for threatening another man with an airsoft pistol which had been altered to look like a real gun.

The victim had been at Charles Hosendove’s 1st Avenue apartment earlier in the evening and two got into an argument. The victim left, returning to his nearby residence.

A short time later, Hosendove followed the victim to his residence. He had what appeared to be a .380 caliber handgun. He first threatened the victim with it, then threatened to shoot the victim’s dog. The two men struggled. During the struggle, Hosendove hit the victim in the face. Hosendove then left and the victim called the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the victim and the suspect. They then knocked on the door of Hosendove’s apartment to speak with his wife. When she opened the door, they saw the handgun described by the victim, sitting on the floor just inside the doorway. It was an airsoft pistol. The end of its barrel – normally orange in color – had been painted black and it’s grips had also been removed to make it more closely resemble a real gun.

Hosendove was arrested. He was charged with aggravated assault and battery and he was taken to jail Tuesday.

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