Man arrested for attacking ex-wife, boyfriend

A Key West man is under arrest, charged with breaking into his ex-wife’s residence, damaging her property then attacking her and her current boyfriend at her place of work.

50 year old George Rodriguez is accused of going to his ex-wife’s house and entering it without permission. Once inside, he took a 65 inch flat screen television and threw it over the balcony into the driveway. Witnesses say as he left the residence, he drove over the television with his truck, destroying it.

Rodriguez also confronted his ex-wife at her place of business, grabbing her by the hair and hitting her. He also confronted her current boyfriend. The two got into a fight. During their struggle, Rodriguez attempted to hit the boyfriend’s head on a metal truck bumper. An employee of the business had to pull the two apart.

Deputies responded to both the house, on Sugarloaf Key, and the business on Rockland Key. They found Rodriguez still at the business. He was placed under arrest. He was charged with aggravated assault, battery, criminal mischief and burglary. He was booked into jail.

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