Two teens arrested for shooting incident

Two Stock Island teens are under arrest, charged with lying to police and tampering with evidence in connection with a fight which resulted in one of them being shot in the hand.

Deputies responded to 6500 Maloney Avenue, Trailer #31 at 4:45 p.m. last Thursday to reports of a fight involving a firearm and possible shots fired. When they arrived, they found four young men at the trailer. One of them – 19 year old Kentrell Freeman – was bleeding from what turned out to be a gunshot wound to his left hand.

At first, Freeman told deputies he was walking his dog when he had a confrontation with a Hispanic man. He said he fought with the man and the man pulled out a gun. He said the gun went off, injuring his hand. The man then reportedly fled.

As more deputies and detectives arrived to assist, they began searching the area for the Hispanic attacker, going house to house concerned he might hurt someone else.

In the meantime, Detective David Cruz continued talking with the men originally found at the trailer. Others searched the area for the gun. A blood trail was found from the front of the trailer to the back yard. At the end of the blood trail they found then handgun which injured Freeman.

A witness was located who had videotaped the fight when the shooting occurred. The video showed Freeman fighting with one of the other men who were at the trailer when deputies showed up – 19 year old Trevon Albury. Albury is also Freeman’s cousin. At that point, Albury was detained and was confronted with the information in the videotape.

Albury admitted to fighting with Freeman. He said he saw the gun on the ground while they were fighting, tried to grab it and it went off, injuring Freeman. After Freeman was discharged from the hospital, he also was confronted with the information detectives had obtained. He said he and Albury were fighting over a girl. He said he saw the gun on the ground and picked it up. He said the two of them fell to the ground while fighting and the gun went off, shooting him in the hand. When asked why he didn’t tell the truth at the beginning, he replied “because I am young and dumb.”

Both men were arrested. Both were charged with obstructing a criminal investigation and tampering with evidence.

Freeman was additionally charged with improper exhibition of a firearm and discharging a firearm in public.

They were both booked into jail.

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