Pembroke Pines man faces multiple charges

A Pembroke Pines man is in jail charged with battering his girlfriend, stealing her car and then burglarizing her house.

The victim called the Sheriff’s Office Saturday afternoon. When Deputy Michael Sielicki arrived at her home on Narragansett Lane at 5:45 p.m., she told him her boyfriend, 54 year old Robert Burns, had gotten violent with her. She said he was drunk and had left beer cans all over. When she began cleaning them up, and asked him to stop, he got angry. She said he broke a lamp and, when he began picking up the pieces he cut himself, which made him more angry.

She said she tried to call the Sheriff’s Office, but he took her phone and keys. At one point, she said he grabbed her around the throat and began choking her, then hit her in the face.

He finally left, taking her 2010 Mercedes SUV without her permission.

On Monday afternoon, the victim got a call from her neighbor. The neighbor told her Burns had returned, with her car, and was inside the victim’s house. She called the Sheriff’s Office and Deputy Michael Claudy responded. The Mercedes was parked underneath the house and a door on the lower level of the home was open. Burns was found inside, hiding in a closet. He claimed to have permission from his girlfriend to be there. While inside, he’d eaten a frozen dinner and had been watching television.

Burns was arrested. He was charged with battery, grand theft auto, burglary and theft and resisting arrest. He was booked into jail.

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