Teens charged with car burglary

Two teens were arrested Sunday, charged with entering a car in the parking lot of a church and taking a cell phone from inside.

The victim called the Sheriff’s Office after he left San Pedro Catholic Church Sunday morning. He said he’d left his car unlocked and his Iphone 4 in the center console. When he returned to the car, he found the phone gone. The phone was in a camouflage and orange Otter box case and was valued at over $400.00.

While Deputy Luis Gomez was taking the report, a call was dispatched over the radio. Two teens had been caught inside a tool shed at a nearby house by the homeowner. They were reportedly fleeing toward U.S. One on Caloosa Street.

Deputy Gomez and Deputy Caridad Bellon caught the two teens, aged 15 and 16. Both boys were reported missing from the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter on Plantation Key.

One teen had the stolen phone case in his waistband. When the deputies found it, the other boy said “that is for my phone.” They found the stolen phone in his pocket. He was unable to give deputies the passcode to unlock the phone.

The victim of the vehicle burglary responded to the scene and was able to unlock the phone.

Both teens were arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft.

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