Summerland man arrested for two burglaries

A Summerland Key man was arrested Sunday after he admitted to committing two burglaries because he has a substance abuse problem.

Deputy Richard Wang responded Saturday to reports someone had burglarized a home on Ocean Drive and taken power tools from a storage area downstairs. The homeowner reported that 28 year old Steven Wenzel may be a suspect. He said a week before, Wenzel had entered his property and had tried to sell him some other power tools. He said he’d been suspicious of where the tools came from and did not buy them.

On Sunday, Deputy Wang responded to a home on West Indies Drive, Ramrod Key. Wenzel’s grandmother reported a 15,000 watt generator missing from her house overnight. She said she suspected Wenzel of stealing it because he was having substance abuse problems and “was getting worse.”

Deputy Want relocated to Wenzel’s house  on 7th Street, Summerland Key. He and Deputy Scott Ward questioned Wenzel about the burglaries. He admitted to committing them, and said he’d sold the generator to someone for $100, and the tools to someone else for a few hundred dollars.

He gave the deputies the names of those he sold the property to. They will be attempting to recover the property from those people so the property can be returned to the owners.

Wenzel was arrested. He was charged with two counts of burglary and two counts of grand theft. He was booked into jail.

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