Stock Island man charged with burglary

A Stock Island was arrested for burglary today after his fingerprints were identified at the crime scene.

The burglary took place in July of 2012 at a home on 10th Avenue, Stock Island. The victim told Detective Dave Chavka the suspect, 20 year old Daniel Salangin, had been staying at his house for two days and had left his clothing inside. The victim said he left for work in the morning, locking the doors and leaving the house empty.

When he returned home for lunch, he found someone had broken a back window. Two of his television sets were missing, as were Salangin’s clothes.

Crime Scene Investigator John Underwood lifted fingerprints from a propane tank the suspect had to move out of the way to access the window he broke to get inside.

In February, Detective Chavka received a report from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement identifying the fingerprints as belonging to Salangin. A warrant was issued for his arrest and today he was picked up and charged with burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief.

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