Man arrested for knife threats

An Islamorada man is under arrest, charged with threatening several people – including a deputy – with a knife.

Deputy Gregg Johnson responded to Ponce DeLeon Boulevard at 4:45 p.m. last Friday after dispatchers received reports a man was disrupting traffic, hitting cars and threatening passersby.

When he arrived, he saw two occupied vehicles stopped on the corner of Ponce De Leon and West Plaza Del Sol. He also saw 29 year old Stuart Ross Paterson with a large knife in his hand, walking toward the two vehicles. He was aggressively swinging the knife from side to side.

Deputy Johnson pulled up near the two other cars, exited his  vehicle, drew his gun and identified himself, telling him to drop the knife. Instead, Patterson walked toward the deputy with the knife. The deputy knew Patterson from previous contacts and knew his nickname was “Rossee”. He yelled at him again to drop the knife, this time using the nickname. At this point, Patterson put the knife – an 11 inch long fixed blade weapon – on the ground and complied with orders to lay down so the deputy could safely taken him into custody.

In his pockets Johnson found a plastic bag of cocaine. Both vehicle drivers on scene said Patterson threatened them with the knife and they were in fear he would hurt them.

Patterson was charged with two counts aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The cocaine will be sent to Florida Department of Law Enforcement for analysis after which he may face further charges.

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