Homeless man pulls knife on jogger

A man jogging on College Road told deputies a homeless man on a bicycle pulled a knife and threatened to stab him with it Monday afternoon.

The victim flagged down Detective Sgt. Donald Catala, who was passing by in his unmarked patrol car at 4:45 p.m. He told him he was jogging on the sidewalk when a man on a bike almost ran into him. He said he shoved the man on the bike who, in turn, pulled a knife out of a backpack he was carrying and pointed at him as if he were going to stab him with it. The victim said he picked up a rock to defend himself and then saw the officer driving by.

Detective Sgt. Catala found the suspect, 39 year old John Foster, a short distance away. Foster was trying to throw his backpack over a fence at the Botanical Garden, but the strap had become wrapped around his wrist.

The knife was found in the backpack. Foster, who said he was on his way to the homeless shelter for the night, said he thought he was justified in pulling the knife because the victim had pushed him.

Foster was charged with aggravated battery and he was booked into jail.

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