Big Coppitt man arrested for fleeing, drunk driving

Sheriff’s deputies last Monday arrested a Big Coppitt Key man who was involved in a hit and run accident in the city of Key West. He fled from deputies who spotted him on Stock Island, but was apprehended at the 10 mile marker of the highway.

Deputy Chris Fraser was on Stock Island at 8:10 p.m. when he got a call on his radio to be on the lookout for a red Chevy Corvette convertible which had been involved in a hit and run crash in the city. He spotted the car at U.S. One and 3rd Street, pulling in behind it and activating his lights and siren.

The car continued to travel, erratically changing speeds and crossing both the white and yellow lines on the highway finally stopping at the 10 mile marker on Big Coppitt Key.

The driver, 59 year old Robert Sieminski, had trouble following the deputies instructions and had trouble standing up without holding on to his vehicle. On a couple of occasions, he almost staggered out into traffic. When deputies asked him to kneel so they could handcuff him safely, he did so but then fell forward onto his face, injuring himself.

In the car, deputies found two partially consumed bottles of alcohol – one each of Absolut and Smirnoff Vodka.

He was arrested. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, then transported to the Detention Center for processing. A Key West Police Officer was also present, so he could continue his investigation into the accident. When Sieminski took a breathalyzer test, almost three hours after his accident, his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.

Sieminski was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing and eluding police, possession of an open container and failing to maintain a single lane. More charges are pending.

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