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By Steve Estes

Strictly Drivel by Steve Estes

Ok so now that the Mayan Apocalypse is in our rear view mirror, it’s time to do those dreaded New Year’s resolutions.

I have always hated New Year’s resolutions because that means I actually have to strive to make them happen.

In year’s past, I’ve tried to get by with making resolutions that I could keep without doing anything, and then found that I had to try to keep them because things change and maybe what I thought was easy isn’t part of the daily landscape anymore.


Maybe, just maybe, this year I should try to make some real resolutions. But that wouldn’t be my style.

Ok, there’s an easy one. Change my style.

I don’t know that I have a style, but I’m sure there are those of you out there that have me all tucked into a style niche somewhere.

And I guarantee most of you would be far from right.

So instead of losing any guarantee (like that quick about face?) maybe I should instead do my list of 2013 pet peeves.

Now there’s something that could take a week to write, let alone read. So I have to try and pare the list to something manageable and just hit the highlights.

My number one pet peeve is intolerant people. Like it or not, we are all really in this together. Every thing I do affects someone else whether I believe that or not, and everything you do affects me, believe it or not.

I can’t stand people who preach tolerance and then get upset when someone doesn’t say something the way they want it said. Political correctness is not one of my strong suits.

My number two pet peeve is people who make what I call glittering generalities. That is someone who lumps every person in any group into the same category, or every thing in the same category into the same group.

For instance, every man who wears long hair is a hippie. Probably not. We’re just non-conformists. And we were probably non-conformists in the days when big hair was the rage, it’s just that the style caught up to us and left us again.

A teacher of mine once taught me a valuable lesson about glittering generalities and the importance of them in taking tests, particularly true and false tests. If the question says always or never, it’s false. If it says every, it’s false. And you have a 50/50 chance of getting the rest right just by answering true or false to all of them. I’ve tried that. It works.

My number three pet peeve is “my way or the highway” people. We’ve all met them. They’ll argue for their point of view even if they’re proven wrong by 100 people. I’m not talking about religion or politics. Those are matters of opinion. I’m talking facts.

We’ve also met the other kind, the ones that have a little bit of power over something and make up rules as they go along so you must bend to their will to get anything done, even if done wrong.

My number four pet peeve is people who can’t take a joke. I will make fun of anything except personal tragedy. We’ve all been there and done that and it’s not a laughing matter.

But you can make fun of almost anything else, and run the risk of running into people who just can’t take a joke. Make fun of a wobbly wheel on a grocery cart and they take offense, or make fun of organized religion, which I do on a regular basis, and watch the tops blow off their heads.

My number five pet peeve, and these are probably in no order, except the first one because all those that come behind the first one could actually be rolled into the first one (figure that one out) is adults who abuse children.

Those folks should be taken out back and shot on the spot, or better yet, taken out back and pummeled until they cry, because anyone who will abuse children will cry when they receive the same treatment.

My number six pet peeve is a lack of common sense in the justice system. Too often I watch petty criminals go before a tribunal, get released on a promise not to do it again, then do it again, and get released on another promise not to do it again. And the cycle continues ad infinitum.

If you get the same result three times, you would think you’d learn that the person’s word isn’t worth squat.

My number seven pet peeve is politicians who pay themselves more money and cut education for children. My greatest hope is that those same politicians will someday need the expertise of a younger generation, only to discover they don’t have it and ground into dust because of it.

Only a moron believes that the next generation won’t affect their lives in some derogatory fashion because they weren’t given what they needed to save your sorry butt when the time came.

Okay, so I’ll climb off the soapbox now.

And think of these things as you begin what we hope is a happy, healthy, and successful 2013.

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