Big Coppitt man charged with burglary

A Big Coppitt Key man was arrested for burglarizing a home, stealing appliances, tools and other items.

A woman checking on her sister’s home on 3rd Street Big Coppitt Key Tuesday discovered it had been burglarized. When Deputy Lazaro Valdes arrived, she told him she’d found the door pried open. When she entered the kitchen, she found water all over the floor. Someone had taken the refrigerator and stove from the kitchen. The water line from the refrigerator had been left, leaking on the floor.

A number of other items had been taken as well, including a wood chipper, a weed eater and a number of music CDs.

Deputy Valdes began canvassing the neighbors and obtained information that a tall white male with a ponytail had been seen pushing a refrigerator out of the house two days before in the early morning hours.

While he was investigating, Deputy Valdes saw a white male with a ponytail riding by on a bicycle. He fit the witness description, so the deputy stopped him. He was identified as 55 year old Gary Tallon. Tallon gave the deputy permission to go to his house and look for the stolen items. Tallon agreed. Detective Dave Chavka responded to assist Deputy Valdes.

At Tallon’s house on Prado Circle the officers found the stolen wood chipper and weed eater. In Tallon’s trash can, they found several CD cases corresponding to those stolen from the house.

Tallon claimed to have gotten all the stolen items from a friend. He would not give the friend’s name to the officers.

Tallon was arrested. He was charged with burglary and grand theft and he was taken to jail. Investigations are continuing as officers look for the remainder of the stolen property.

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