Father, two sons arrested for stealing scrap metal

A father and his two sons were arrested Monday, charged with stealing scrap metal from property belonging to an upper Keys business.

Deputy Nelson Sanchez saw the three Miami men on property belonging to Upper Keys Marine Construction at 6:05 p.m. He saw them entering and exiting the property with various pieces of scrap metal and putting it onto a trailer.

He called for assistance and Deputy Pedro Garcia responded. The owner of the property was also on the scene.

The owner told the deputies he did not give permission for the metal to be removed from his property. Although the men claimed the metal had been placed by a dumpster as if it were being disposed of, the owner said that was not true. He said the metal pieces had been placed in various locations on his property and were not near the dumpster.

41 year old Carlos Perez Jimenez, 21 year old Carlos Perez Eiroa and a 17 year old were all charged with burglary and theft. They were booked at the Plantation Key jail.

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