Haunted house was great fun

By Steve Estes

For anyone who may have missed the rebirth of the Big Pine Community Haunted House this week, just let me say you missed out on a good time.

This thing had everything one could ask for in a good scare.

There were disembodied heads screaming at you from serving platters.

There were monsters jumping out at you from inside other monsters.

There were trapped young girls begging for help from vicious spiders.

There was a picture that screamed at you.

There was a bizarre human that shared a cage with a mad gorilla and both of them charged you and screamed at you.

There was a witch that boiled a young lady in a cauldron.

There was an insane clown that clawed at you from her cubicle.

There was a headless monster that assaulted you in the maze. There was a Grim reaper that beckoned you to join the mass of death. There was a Michael Meyers clone that rushed at you form the dark.

There was a mad scientist that disemboweled helpless men and women and offered them up as your appetizers.

There was a creepy clown that accosted you.

And there was a mad man running around with a chain saw trying to chop you into little bitty pieces.

In short, you had to be scared somewhere.

The rooms built in the upper floor of the community center at the Big Pine Community Park were filled with screams.

Ahhh, such a great success.

The exhibit was open for four nights, culminating with the grand finale Halloween night.

The third night the word had spread and the crowds looking to get scared lined up down the sidewalk outside the haunted house waiting for they knew not what.

And very few seemed to walk away disappointed.

In fact, there were those who refused to set foot in the place after the Zombie Bride walked them to the front entrance and the misshapen butler invited them in.

The spooky house was so good, in fact, that a few brave youngsters actually lost their dinner on the grass outside.

A few older folks almost jumped the balcony rail when the crazed maniac with the chain saw started chasing them down the porch.

And the werewolf in the picture frame startled almost 100 percent of the visitors. He was good.

This was a great community effort, but I would be remiss if I failed to mention the excellent work put in by the Ackiss family.

Luke and Lynn and daughters Whitney, Rachel and Sydnee worked tirelessly to make this haunted house one of the most frightening in the area. There weren’t a lot of special effects if you discount the smoke machines that gave an eerie feel to the entire place and the black lights that made scary things seem even more creepy, or the shots of air against your feet, or the spider webs tangling across your face….you get the picture.

The list of those who contributed to this great event is long and I won’t try to name them all here, but we will in a big thank you next week.

When my lovely wife first broached this subject with me and community go-to-guy Steve Miller a few months ago, I honestly didn’t believe we could pull it off.

But with a lot of help from a lot of our friends here in a great community, we did.

I have her to thank for forcing Steve and I to take the lead and get this thing off the ground. And there are dozens more to thank for making it such a huge success.

I have to thank the Monroe County public works department for their support of this event, for allowing us to host it in our beautiful community park and for supplying a person with knowledge of the building to keep everything running smoothly, even after the fire alarms kept going off from the smoke machines and the timer lights made everything dark close to closing time.

And we thank Deputy County Administrator Debbie Fredericks for giving final approval for us to host the event in a county facility.

But we’re already plotting what ghoulish features we can add to next year.

So if you thought you were scared this year….wait….we’ll be baaaacccckkkk.

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