Two arrested for illegal harvesting

A tip called in to a Sheriff’s deputy Saturday afternoon led to the arrest of two people for possessing 40 Queen Conch. All 40 Conch were returned to the water alive.

Deputy Nelson Sanchez received a text just before 5 p.m. Information in the text was that a group of people came in to the dock at the rear of the Day’s Inn in Islamorada with a large number of Queen Conch. The reporting person gave the deputy a description of the truck the people were driving.

Deputy Sanchez caught up with the truck as it was pulling out of the parking lot of Days Inn. He approached the truck and asked if they were in possession of Queen Conch. The driver, 48 year old George Galiszewski of Miami, admitted having conch in the truck. Both he and one of the passengers, 43 year old Elena McGrane of Miami, admitted to harvesting them.

Deputy Sanchez inspected the Conch and found they were still alive. He photographed them for evidence and then returned them to the water.

Both Galiszewski and McGrane were arrested. Each was charged with 20 counts possession of Queen Conch and they were booked into jail.

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