Teen arrested for fleeing police, stolen auto

A 17 year old Cudjoe teen, arrested Friday for burglarizing vehicles on Big Pine Key, was arrested again Monday for fleeing from deputies in a stolen car.

Deputy Michael Claudy was parked in Layton at 3:30 a.m.  when driver Nicholas Burttram drove by him in a white pickup truck with “Pepsi” on the side in excess of 100 miles per hour, southbound. When Deputy Claudy pulled behind the truck and turned on his lights and siren, Burttram refused to stop.

Deputies at two locations in Marathon attempted to use tire spikes to stop the truck; Burttram used evasive maneuvers to drive around the spikes on both occasions, continuing at a high rate of speed. Deputies finally turned off lights and sirens on the Seven Mile Bridge in the hopes Burttram would slow down.

They followed Burttram at a distance to Sands Road on Big Pine Key, where he turned off the highway. He finally came to a stop at a residence on Avenue C on Big Pine Key. He was taken into custody at that location without incident. In the car, deputies found a bottle of Vodka that was almost empty. Burttram said he refused to stop for deputies because he was angry.

The truck he was driving turned out to have been stolen from a residence on Cudjoe Key.

Burttram was charged with fleeing police, reckless driving, burglary and theft of an automobile, possession of alcohol by a minor and resisting arrest. He was booked at the Marathon jail and turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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