Truck driver arrested for marijuana, methamphetamine

The driver of a semi-tractor trailer truck was arrested Tuesday for possessing marijuana and methamphetamine.

Deputy Mark Jones was on patrol just after 10 a.m. the 1995 Kenworth truck which was pulling a 53 foot trailer. The truck was blocking the southbound lanes of the highway at 39th Street and U.S. One.

He asked the driver to move his truck and he complied. The deputy then asked the driver for all of his documentation. He provided a North Carolina commercial driver’s license identifying him as 50 year old Bradley Beal.

Beal was acting nervously during the encounter with Deputy Jones, as if he had something concealed in his clothing. The deputy found two pipes in his pockets, like those used to smoke marijuana and methamphetamine. He then found a plastic bag concealed in Bradley’s pants with both drugs inside. Beal had .5 grams of methamphetamine and 10 grams of marijuana.

Beal was arrested. He was charged with possession of both illegal substances and with possession of drug paraphernalia. He was booked into jail.

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