Detectives solve crime before it is reported

Sheriff’s detectives were on the ball recently, solving a crime before it was even reported by the victim.

Detective Diane Mimosa was working a burglary and theft case on Big Pine Key. During the course of that investigation, she obtained information that 26 year old Andrew Cumpston may have stolen tools from his employer and pawned them at a local pawn shop. She approached the possible victim, asking him to check to see if he was missing any of his property. The victim checked his property and discovered he was missing a number of tools and a tent. He said Cumpston works for him and he’d stayed with him at his house on occasion.

Detective Mimosa and Detective David Brummer took pictures of the tools pawned at the pawn shop by Cumpston. The owner of the pawn shop said Cumpston told him they were his. The items were identified by the victim as his.

Detective Mimosa asked Cumpston about the items he pawned. He admitted they came from his employer, but said he had permission to sell them. The victim said he never gave Cumpston permission to sell his property.

Last  Wednesday, Cumpston was arrested on outstanding warrants for fraud, grand theft and dealing in stolen property. He was booked into jail.

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