Corrections deputy arrested for doctor shopping

Thanks to an alert doctor’s office and pharmacist working together, a corrections deputy who was doctor shopping has been arrested.

Dr. Andrew Wolczack’s office suspected 34 year old Jason Kroening might not be telling the truth about prescriptions he was receiving for narcotics.

The doctor’s office contacted a pharmacist at the Marathon CVS pharmacy. The pharmacist consulted a database listing pharmaceuticals prescribed for individuals and discovered Kroening had obtained 13 prescriptions from four different doctors between April 1 and May 21. – a 141 day supply of the drugs he received.

The pharmacist contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report the activity.

Sheriff’s detectives began investigating, obtaining Kroening’s medical records from the different doctors and obtaining the records of the narcotics he’d been prescribed.

As a result of the investigation, Kroening was arrested Friday. He was charged with obtaining  prescriptions by fraud, also called “doctor shopping”. He was booked into jail.

Kroening worked for the Sheriff’s Office from June of 2000 until May of 2008. He resigned and was rehired in June of 2009. He has worked, since then, in Corrections.

In May, after the Sheriff’s Office became aware of his alleged crimes, he was removed from having any direct contact with inmates; he was also removed from any contact with department issued weapons or vehicles.

He has been working in the main control room at the Stock Island Jail.

The Sheriff has taken the issue of his employment under consideration and a decision about his status will be made soon.

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