Marathon teen charged with breaking windows

A Marathon teen was arrested Sunday in the early morning hours for throwing rocks through the windows of occupied apartments.

Deputies were dispatched to apartments at 240 Sombrero Road just before 6 a.m. Dispatchers received two separate phone calls from that location. One caller said someone had just broken a bunch of windows in the apartment complex. The other caller said he was being confronted by two men, one who was armed with a handgun.

When they arrived, a crowd had gathered. People told deputies someone had thrown rocks through several windows; one woman said she was sleeping and a rock came through a window right next to her bed. Two men said they had gone to the apartment of a teenager named Bryan Echevarria who they believed had broken the windows. They said when they confronted Echevarria, he pushed one of them. One of the two men admitted to being armed during the confrontation. He said he was carrying a handgun in his waistband, but never pointed it at anyone. That man produced a current concealed weapons permit allowing him to carry the gun.

Witnesses described a young male wearing white shorts seen hiding behind some stairs in the area at the time the windows were broken.  A surveillance camera belonging to one of the victims showed a male wearing white shorts and black shoes walk by the back window of their apartment at the same time the window was broken by a rock

Deputies Nancy Torrios and Nicholis Whiteman interviewed 17 year old  Echeverria, who lives at the complex and who was wearing the same clothing seen in the video. When confronted, Echeverria admitted to throwing rocks through the windows. He also admitted to pushing the man during the confrontation about the windows.

Echeverria was arrested. He was charged with two counts of breaking the windows of occupied dwellings, one count of breaking a vehicle window and one count of battery for pushing the man. He was booked at the Marathon Detention Center.

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