Search warrant served on Stock Island

Sheriff’s Special Investigations Detectives served a search warrant at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at a residence on Stock Island.

The warrant was served at 5507 5th Avenue, Lot B. As Detectives were approaching the residence, they encountered 47 year old Ramon Fernandez driving a scooter and he was detained. Inside the residence, Detectives located Alexis Benitez. Inside Benitez’ wallet was approximately one gram of suspected cocaine. A search of Fernandez’ vehicle that was parked outside turned up a wrapped kilogram of suspected cocaine with an estimated street value of $25,000.00. In the house, detectives turned up  $1,241.00 cash, digital scales for weighing illegal substances, baggies for packaging and cutting agents commonly used to dilute cocaine.

Fernandez’ scooter, vehicle and currency were seized as part of the investigation.

Ramon Fernandez, 47, was charged with trafficking in cocaine, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, attaching a registration plate not assigned to the scooter, and possession of a vehicle with an altered/removed VIN number.

Alexis Benitez, 39, was charged with possession of cocaine.

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