Two boys charged with burglary

Two boys were arrested last Wednesday evening after they broke into a Duck Key home, set off the burglar alarm, and were caught doing it on video surveillance tape.

Deputies Mark Jones and Nicholas Abroe responded to an alarm call on Corsair Road just before 8 p.m. They found someone had broken into a locked garage through a doggie door. Fishing line trailed out of the doggie door toward a back yard gate. The fishing line was attached to a fishing pole lying on the ground; the reel had been removed from the pole. The reel was later found discarded in some bushes nearby.

A witness told the deputies she saw two blond haired boys fleeing on skateboards from the home on a skateboard toward a residence on Harbor Drive. Deputy Jones called the homeowner, who was out of town. The homeowner told him he had video surveillance equipment and would check it for photos of the suspects. A short time later, he called Deputy Jones back. He said the video tape showed two boys breaking in. His description of them matched the witness description.

The deputies went to the Harbor Drive home and saw a skateboard in the car port. An adult couple were there and confirmed two boys – their son and his friend – were staying in the home with them. They are all from Jupiter, Florida and are renting the home, on vacation.

The 14 year old admitted that he and a 14 year old friend did break into the doggie door and steal the rod and reel. He said they reached inside and unlocked the garage door. When they entered the garage, they set off the alarm. He said that is when they became frightened and fled the scene.

Both boys were charged with burglary and theft and they were booked on the charges at the Monroe County Detention Center.

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