Time important for kids in summer

By Steve Estes

Yesterday was the final day of school for the 2011-2012 year in Monroe County and as drivers we have to be aware of special days such as these.

The last day of school is always a joyous one for children, not so much always for parents who then have to find creative ways to rambunctious children entertained during the dog days of summer.

But that’s a parental responsibility.

Our responsibility as community members is to remember in our daily travels that children are indeed out of school for the summer and will be in the neighborhoods in large numbers during daylight hours doing what kids do.

We can expect an increase in traffic for younger children via bicycles or foot power around our local parks during the summer months.

Keep a watchful out eye out for children on the roads over the next three months. It is up to us to make sure that they have a safe summer.

If you know you’re traveling in a neighborhood with large numbers of children, slow the vehicle down. You being a few minutes late somewhere is much less important than the overall safety of our future generations.

When you travel close to any local park, slow the vehicle down. Again, you being a few minutes late somewhere is much less important than the overall safety of our future generations.

When you’re on the water, keep an eye for kids doing what they do in the summertime, and that is catching some sun in the pristine waters around where we call home.

We can’t always rely on kids to make sure they have dive flags out, or to make sure they are watching out for fast-moving boats as they swim and frolic in the local waters.

We have to do that for them. You being a few minutes later than forecast to hit the local fishing hole is much less important than the overall safety of our future generations.

As important as safety in the coming summer months is the need of our kids for some adult supervision during the activities that define summer.

If you have the time, find a place where you can volunteer your services in service to our youth.

Most local athletic leagues are in need of volunteer coaches, team managers, umpires and just folks to help with the administration of the league.

The myriad of children’s programs, running the gamut from day camps, to week camps, to daily activities to summer-long activities, are always in need of active volunteers to make the experience richer for the children.

Grab a few hours and head on down to one of the local children’s programs areas and see if they can use an extra hand.

If you have children in these programs, see if you can serve as a volunteer for transportation or as a chaperone on one of the many fieldtrips they will take over the course of the summer.

Every positive experience we can give our youth is an experience they can use to learn how the world works when people live and thrive together.

Summer is a time to watch out for our kids in many different ways, to teach our kids many different things, and to allow them to be kids in all the ways that will enhance their future growth and safeguard our tomorrow.

Go out and help a kid today.

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