Marathon man charged with robbery

A Marathon woman called the Sheriff’s Office Monday morning to report being hit from behind and robbed on 24th Street.

The victim called to report the robbery at 5:20 a.m. She told Deputy Joshua Brady she was walking to buy cigarettes at the Tom Thumb Store when the incident took place. She was walking down 24th Street when she saw two men near a pool. She said hello to them and one of them replied by asking her for a dollar. She took money out of her pocket and handed him a dollar, returning the rest of the money to her pocket. She said she continued walking and was suddenly hit from behind, and knocked to the ground. She said the man who asked for the dollar was the one who hit her. She said her phone fell and broke on the ground and, once she got up, she realized her money was gone as well.

Sgt. Joel Slough and Deputy Todd Jones were also in the area, checking for suspicious persons who might have been involved in the robbery. They located two men who resembled the victim’s description of her attackers. The victim was transported to the area to look at the possible suspects. She was able to positively identify one of them as the man who hit her from behind; 22 year old Marcus Butler was arrested and charged with robbery and criminal mischief and he was taken to jail.

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