Drug bust on Rockland Key; fighting chickens found

Detectives with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Special Investigations Division served two search warrants today to complete a one month investigation involving narcotics dealers on Rockland Key.

The operation included the simultaneous service of the two warrants at the targeted residences on Park Drive, Rockland Key. Agencies that assisted with this investigation were Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigators and representatives from Monroe County Animal Control.

The first location was 502 Park Drive Unit – 2 on Rockland Key. Detectives and agents surrounded the apartment complex and made entry . During the search of Unit – 1 detectives located 20 year old Jorge Blanco Jr.  A search of the residence revealed 3 weapons a shotgun, a rifle and handgun, $3,306.00 in suspected drug proceeds and a scale used to weigh illegal substances.

During the investigative phase of the case, detectives had observed Blanco Jr walking to the property across the street numbered as 501. Detectives obtained permission to search that location. They located 169 chickens that appeared to have been used to fight. These chickens were found to have several injuries typical of  cockfighting. Detectives also located blood in a cockfighting ring on the property along with several spurs, syringes and medication used to treat the chickens.

The second search warrant location was 502 Park Drive Unit – 1 on Rockland Key. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics team executed this search warrant, also assisted by the above listed state agencies.  SWAT team members located Jorge Enrique Blanco. A search of the residence revealed 1.1 oz of powdered cocaine and $905.00 in suspected drug proceeds.

Blanco Jr was arrested and charged with 52 counts of animal cruelty and fighting and baiting chickens.

41 year old Jorge Enrique Blanco was arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The SPCA will be dealing with the disposition of over 250 birds found during the service of both search warrants.

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